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As far as the tech stack goes for the projects in Indiana, do you feel they follow the trends with the buzz words you hear from the companies at the coast?

What about the community? What kinds of tools, languages, technology is popular in use or in learning?


Hmm it really depends. A lot of companies around here are .Net stack. The tech industry is a lot older here than many people realize, which means a lot of the more established companies are using "older" technology. A lot are adopting things like React or Ruby on Rails to build new versions/tools within their companies. I'd say there is a healthy attraction to "buzz-wordy" technologies here. Companies are interested to try them and stay relevant, but not at the expense of the company.

There are tons of meetups for everything - React, JS, Rails, Elixir, .Net, and I think someone is starting a Golang one soon.


This. I'm employed in Springfield, Illinois and the job industry is largely .Net influenced.

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