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re: WordPress works because it already has a massive set of plugins that can be used without the help of a developer. As badly coded as the platform is...

I would argue against the "clients can also manage their content themselves". As someone who has been a part of a group for 3 years. They are techno-phobic, yet willing to trust an outside vendor to manage their website including login credentials and personally identifiable information of their users.

If they could allow themselves to not have a login feature and just post their content publicly, a static website would serve their needs greatly and would reduce the cost of having someone "maintain" it.


Well, most of the time business requirements extend beyond posting content publicly. I'm aware of the pain WordPress brings, and in one my earlier projects I was supposed to build an e-commerce system, first in Java (yay!), but then they changed their mind to PHP (oops!). I got started and was about 25% done, when the SEO and marketing folks started crying about how long it was taking for "simple" things like double opt-in and Google Analytics ecommerce tracking, tracking the path a user took in a funnel before dropping off, etc., which could be set up and working in five minutes in WordPress. At that time, I couldn't argue with them. With WooCommerce they could be selling stuff the next day, and there was tremendous business value in that. For the record, I moved out soon afterwards (for some other reasons), and they ended up picking Magento. 😐

I can agree with Ankush. Wordpress just works. It's not perfect, but works. Bussinesses don't have years, they need it ASAP. Nothing can beat WP in that.

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