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UI Dev Newsletter #53

starbist profile image Silvestar Bistrović Originally published at ・1 min read
  • CSS is a Strongly Typed Language
    Eric Bailey explains how CSS is strongly typed language, lists all possible types of values, and offers some proof.

  • Overflow Issues In CSS
    Ahmad Shadeed explores the causes of overflow issues and how to solve them using DevTools and other methods.

  • Say Hello To CSS Container Queries
    Ahmad Shadeed explains why we need container queries, how they could make our life easier, and how to achieve more powerful components and layouts.

  • Prevent overflow with overflow: clip
    Pete LePage announces Chrome 90 supports a new overflow property 'clip' that prevents any scrolling for the box, including programmatic scrolling.

  • The best approach to lazy load images for maximum performance
    Adrian Bece explains how to use image lazy loading in browsers that do and don't support native lazy load.

  • Quick Tips for High Contrast Mode
    Sarah Higley covers some surprising behavior of Windows High Contrast mode.

  • CSS Generators
    Marko Denic shares a collection of the best CSS generators that could help you avoid time-consuming tasks.

  • uiwtf
    uiwtf is an experimental laboratory of user interface patterns and interactions that make you think 'what the f**k?' in a thought-provoking way.

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