Just My Routine As A Remote Worker

Silvestar Bistrović on February 14, 2019

This post was originally published on silvestar.codes. As a remote worker, having a routine and self-discipline is critical. Keeping up with mul... [Read Full]
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I enjoyed reading your post as one of my goals is going fully remote.
How often do you communicate with clients or other members of a remote team? I’d love to work from home but I like interactions such as meetings and peer programming


I usually attend daily standups via Skype or Zoom. But sometimes I just communicate with the client via email.


Sorry for the silly question: you do actually stand up even in a remote setup?
I've done standup meetings in agile teams and the gist was to keep the meeting short as everyone is longing for a chair after a few minutes :)

Actually, I stand sometimes because I own a standing desk. 🤣


i mean you are building something, you show what you've done all at once to the client or you update the everyday or at quarter of the project?

Since I usually attend daily standup meetings, I have to present the progress from the previous day.

When the client doesn't require daily meetings, I usually send a weekly update about the progress.


Great reading, thanks for sharing, currently I'm working at home since 4/5 months ago and yet I'm finding the "best" routine for me.

I play football several times a week, and have a wife and a dog (not a daughter yet tho, hehe), so I feel specially identified with your story.

But the Health section gave me good ideas, I need to improve that before is too late, hehe.

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