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Discussion on: Lightning Fast Terminal File Manager

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Stas Syritsyn

First time i see NSFW referring to language, not nudes. I do believe porn is not the best thing to spend time on at work, but language? Cmon, who even cares about language?

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Jean-Christophe Helary

The language you choose to adopt makes you either look like a "bro", or like a pro. That's not NSFW proper of course, but language is important because that's what links us. And there are plenty of F words that don't appeal to bros. In fact, using a word that starts with F already suggests "Fucking", so it's actually more Fun to not use it.

Furiously Fast File-manager
Flamingly Fast File-manager
Fantastically Fast File-manager


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Thomas Landin

I don't know where every member works, and I've worked in places where web filters would've caught that word.

Better safe than sorry.