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Laravel 9 Tutorial

Laravel 9 Release Date is January 25th, 2022

Laravel 9 will be the next LTS version of Laravel, and it is expected to release at the end of Jan 2022

LTS means Long Term Support and for LTS releases, such as Laravel 9, bug fixes are provided for 2 years and security fixes are provided for 3 years.

LTS releases provides the longest window of support and maintenance.

Laravel 9 Bug fixes support is until January 30th, 2024

Laravel 9 Security fixes support is until January 28th, 2025

For general releases, bug fixes are provided for 18 months and security fixes are provided for 2 years.

Why Launch 9 Launch Date is delayed?

Initially Laravel 9 is expected to release in September 2021 but release delayed to January 2022. This delay is because of the new version of Symfony 6.0 that is releasing in November 2021 and Laravel users lot of Symfony components for its large number of features. For that reason, Laravel 9.0 release is delayed until January 2022.

New Features in Laravel 9

Below are the new features and improvement that we should expect in the Laravel 9 that is releasing on January 2022 :-

  • PHP Version Update

Laravel 9 requires the newest version of PHP 8

The PHP 8 requirement is because Laravel 9 is solely dependant on Symfony’s latest v6.0 release, which depends on PHP 8.

  • Anonymous Stub Migrations

Laravel 9 will come with the new feature called Anonymous Migrations that prevents migration class name collisions.

In Laravel 9, by default, Schema::table will be used instead of the traditional Schema::create() method while creating the tables with migration.

  • PHP 8 String Functions

We can use PHP 8 new string functions in Laravel 9.

The suggested functions include str_contains(), str_starts_with() , and str_ends_with() to be used internally in the \Illuminate\Support\Str class.

  • New Query Builder Interface

Laravel 9 will feature a new Query Builder Interface that will help in creating the better sub queries using Query\Builder, Eloquent\Builder and Eloquent\Relation. We will see more details close to launch.

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