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Patience, young Padawan! Think about how slowly linguistics has evolved for the human race...when you compare that pace to computing, we are moving at the speed of light! Linguistics isn't always very logical either, certain aspects of a language just get reinforced more often than others.

We've had noble attempts like Esperanto to unify language that simply haven't caught on, which you could almost compare to attempts today with using JavaScript for the full stack. In that regard, we probably have made more progress than linguistics!

I think all we can do is keep teaching and coding. Reinforce good habits, exchange information freely, and be willing to try new things! I look at it like I do my poetry...I don't want to become rich or famous from my writing (money would be nice tho), the ultimate goal is to express myself and deliver something others can relate to and share an emotional experience with them. Programming is a chance to express myself and show others how I make sense of the world around me, and hopefully it makes sense to someone else.

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