Discussion on: A Practical Guide To Optimizing Performance On The Web

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Scott Simontis

Don't forget about HTTP/2! If your server platform supports it, the number of HTTP requests becomes less relevant. With CDNs and proxies, I have been bitten before by not reading the documentation or thoroughly understanding the platform I was using...the CDN and the web server had some opposing configuration settings which resulted in either a lot of wasted CPU cycles (CDN not supporting caching of resources encrypted by anything but gzip) or safe but effectively useless HTTP cache policies.

I have also learned to give extra scrutiny to third-party marketing/analytics scripts. I have seen plenty of scripts that refuse to be cached and insist on downloading several other scripts. In general, most of the organizations I have worked with are underutilizing their current analytics capabilities...throwing more analytics scripts on the page to generate more data that no one will ever read never helps.

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Gift Egwuenu Author

Thanks for adding this point. I totally agree with you.