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Scott Simontis

Tech lead was always my career goal...my reasoning was that I wanted to make more of a difference than I could as an individual developer. Meaning is something that is crucial to me...as someone who battles with extreme depression throughout the majority of his life, I am almost 100% certain I would have taken my own life by now if I didn't have software development as a challenge and a way to connect with people. On top of that, it paid enough that I could afford top-notch treatment for my condition and let me live a mostly productive life despite my mental disabilities.

I suppose I wanted to become a team lead to pass on the torch and help others become passionate about technology. I've tried to find meaning in my life in a lot of ways, many of them radical - like dropping out of college to become an EMT (didn't work out so well, major respect to everyone out there doing that job) but everything always draws me back to technology.

Next week I become a team lead at one of my previous employers. I have no idea what it's going to look like...from my understanding so far, a lot of the previous team either left or was promoted elsewhere and my boss trusts me enough to build a good team. I'm honored and terrified at the same time. I have a lot of learning to do, but I have had so many terrible supervisors and toxic management in the past that I have a pretty solid idea of what NOT to do, and I am hoping to grow from there.

Your book is on my reading list for this week, thank you!

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Michael Rice Author

Scott, this is an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing. Please do reach out to me 1:1 to see if I can be of any help while you do this. Trying to build a whole tech lead community to back you up.

Your story reminds me of mine a bit, and I'm sure many others. Later this week I'm going to post something about how big a transition the tech lead step is, but I'm with you.

Writing software, as an individual contributor, is, all by itself, a great opportunity. But at some point lot of us want to reach further. Being a tech lead is usually the first onramp.

When I first reached for it, I was pretty mediocre because of many factors, confusing motivations being one of them. My work these days is to try to make it better.

Seriously reach out to me 1:1. Hopefully I can help!!!