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Discussion on: When It Hurts Too Much, Leave

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Scott Simontis

I was a first responder (EMT) before I was a developer, and we didn't really speak about mental health at all. You became acutely aware of how significant it was, as some of my coworkers were cynical beyond belief. Some of them are no longer here with us today, unfortunately. I've seen some incredible talks on mental health in the dev community, but I feel like we have a lot more work to do because I suspect we've lost some amazing human beings in this field because they didn't know how to get help when they were really struggling.

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Ryan Latta Author

Thats interesting. I did Ocean Rescue and we had regular debriefs after serious incidents because of how serious the trauma would be on us.

And yes, I agree, we're still just starting to accept the importance and de-stigmatize mental health. My hope is that devs realize they almost always have options in their career and that can provide relief when we need it most.