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Simon Shine • Edited

I think the review that I remember best is my first contribution to the Exercism project. I thought I was just fixing grammar in a test string, but I ended up doing a PR in another repository first. Then I went on to gradually earn my rite of passage as a repository maintainer.

That, along with many subsequent PRs in that repository, raised the bar for what I have come to expect: from people reviewing my code, and from the clarity of my commit history, minimal scope, and what merging strategies to use for different occasions.

Because an effort had already been made among prior contributors to keep the workflows and constraints documented and referenced in a mixture of commits, PRs and issues, I continued the effort to link related subjects so that they show up in relation when reading one or the other. Creating that web helped myself immensely.

I'd had a job with a high review standard, but we all sat within 3 metres of one another, so a lot of the forth-and-back was resolved verbally.

Does anyone know of a way to skill up by PR?

I would find a project that is being maintained that has a high standard and a welcoming culture towards first-time contributors. If finding one is hard, I would try to find someone who is interested in doing a project and is a good reviewer. That is, make something with them where they benefit from your coding effort and you benefit from their feedback, and you both benefit from having the thing you build.

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