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re: ⚔️ Moving from VScode to Webstorm ⚔️ VIEW POST


I work with PHPStorm almost exclusively (it has everything WebStorm has plus additional features). Many of my students use VSCode and the truth is: VSCode is probably the best Open-source IDE around but has two major flaws:

For one, it needs love. Out of the box, it's a disappointing set of features. You can tweak it to become a powerful companion, but the beginner will simply not take advantage of that, not spend enough time with it nor understand what it is that's missing. The second problem is that even if tweaked, it still doesn't compare with the JetBrain IDEs. Not that it's far off, but it just doesn't get close enough to be considered to be of the same value.

And given the fact that JetBrain offers countless possibilities to use their tools for free (easiest one by having a .edu email), it baffles me why they aren't in use way more.

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