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Discussion on: What are you "old enough to remember" in software development?

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Robert Myers

In no particular order:

  • Dozens of floppies to install a compiler (Hello Borland C)
  • VB (note lack of .Net)
  • Writing a DOS device driver so I could edit config.sys on bootup
  • Being at a dev conference where the presenter quickly wrote a C# program on the board "Oh, sorry, that's not C#, that's Java", changes the case of a few things "Now it's C#"
  • Turning on a computer with no storage and have it work (The Vic-20 and C-64 mentioned elsewhere here)
  • OS/2. Would've flunked college without this, I had neural nets running for weeks and could still write papers.
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My fav game back then, Sim Ant was installed from floppy!

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Robert Myers

I think I still have my SimEarth floppies somewhere.

I want to see someone join all the games together. Zoom into SimEarth, get SimCity. Zoom into SimCity, get SimTower or SimAnt depending on how built up the area was.

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Phil Ashby

+1 for DOS device driver authoring, that was always fun:

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Thomas H Jones II

Dozens of floppies to install a compiler (Hello Borland C)

Spending 20+ straight hours in the Sun lab to download Linux from MIT's TSX mirror ...then using rawrite to put it all on a stack of floppies. And, doing all that because the university's Sun lab was connected to NSFnet and its blazing 56Kbps "backbone".

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