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re: I reclaimed 10GB of disk space from node_modules VIEW POST

re: I have been using pnpm primarily for more than a year and lately I've been using it for monorepo's and works quite nice now something that's funny...

Honestly, this feels like the correct behavior to me. The dependencies of another package are an implementation detail and if they change, your project could break.


Not arguing that at all - I'm totally onboard with it. The whole family of dependencies needs to be there (and locked to a version) for things to work repeatably. I just needed some disk space back. As long as you don't mind running yarn or npm install when you come back to working on a given project, this seems to be a perfectly functional way of working to me.

Edit: Just realized you weren't replying directly to my post! Ha - well, seems we may be on the same page anyway. 🍳

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