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4 Key Aspects of a good Online Marketplace Solution that can bring success to any Multi-Vendor eCommerce Business

Spurtcommerce, An open source eCommerce solution built on NodeJS and Angular
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It doesn’t matter whether you are a small start-up or a big enterprise, who is currently looking at building your eCommerce business in a robust manner; you have to consider certain key aspects that are significant while choosing an online marketplace solution that can build a robust eCommerce platform.
The fact is, there are a whole range of benefits when it comes to choosing a good marketplace solution, but as with any business decision, deciding on which marketplace solution is right for you shouldn't be taken lightly.
‍To build an online marketplace, you need to keep certain aspects in mind. You have to choose the right platform on which you can build your Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Here are a few important points that can be considered.

Full Source Code: Check if the eCommerce solution provider will give you full source code. Only if you get the full source code, you can customize the solution for your business needs. Initially, if you take the Solution Provider’s customization services, in future, as your eCommerce business grows, if you have to add more features like data analytics or other such features, you should be able to do so, any time, even with your in-house Developers. So, Source Code is very important, making sure your team has full-freedom to alter the Source Code completely. Also, if the Source code is on the tech stack like nodejs eCommerce framework, it is going to wonderful.

Right Tech Stack: This is of foremost importance. You have to choose a platform that is built on a tech stack that is scalable. The portal should support unlimited product uploads, without affecting the load time of the pages. The portal should perform well, even with concurrent users and unlimited requests from the end-users. During the peak hours and during mega sale, the portal should not go down, even with unlimited visitors to the platform. A mean eCommerce framework can become one of the very good choice, if you are choosing an eCommerce solution built on right tech stack.

eCommerce portal should be scalable: When it comes to this aspect, NodeJS scores higher than any other technology. When it comes to concurrency, NodeJS beats Python and PHP also. As the eCommerce business grows, the portal should scale accordingly and sustain the growth. NodeJS has in-built Node Clusters that does a very good job in load distribution. An eCommerce solution with mean ecommerce framework or mern ecommerce framework are the ones that has to be considered.

Headless Architecture: Headless commerce architecture is the best approach to address the growing demands of Customers. It decouples the customer interface (the front-end) from an eCommerce portal's vital functionalities that take place (the back-end). So, we will have the same back end for multiple user interfaces. So, a headless eCommerce nodejs framework based Online marketplace solution can help you meet the current trends in offering a good Shopping experience to your customers.

Wrapping Up:

spurtcommerce is one such Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace eCommerce Solution on the best tech stack and framework of NodeJS, Express Framework, Angular built on Headless Architecture.

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