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Digital Ocean is a much-loved cloud computing platform. I'm always impressed by how well-built and well-documented the Digital Ocean core products are. It's easier said than done, and they've been able to stay ahead of the curve.

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CloudBees Rollout is a powerful code release toolset that brings feature flags, analytics, and testing to the process. Reduce risk by decoupling feature deployment from code releases. CloudBees as a whole provides solutions for CI, CD, and application release orchestration (ARO). They are the largest contributor to Jenkins, the very popular open-source automation server. Cloudbees is truly a company that lives DevOps and CI/CD to its core with its entire offering.

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Diversify Tech connect underrepresented people in tech to opportunities.

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Honeycomb allows teams to keep ahead of issues by providing devs observability into their code. This makes development predictable, fast, and scalable over time — i.e., without having to re-instrument or build new code.

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Twilio gives you the ability to easily create a wide variety of communication experiences (text to speech, NLU, Call tracking, Web chat, Push notifications, and much more) using their web service APIs. The docs and examples are well-organized, and getting up and running is simple.

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GitHub is a community where more than 50 million people learn, share, and work together to build software. They provide hosting for software development and version control using Git, offering their basic services free of charge. The largest host of source code in the world, their services are essential for countless open source projects.

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Vonage has everything you need to build connected applications with their APIs for SMS, Voice, Video, Verify and more. Whether you want to make and receive phone calls with code, reach users by the messaging platforms they prefer or ensure that users provide the correct contact details, they’ve got you covered.

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