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How WooCommerce Helps You To Grow Your e-Commerce Store

The world of e-commerce has evolved to an extent that lets businesses of all scales implement high-end e-store functionalities with plugins, extensions, universally compatible source-code, etc. in a matter of seconds. WooCommerce is one such open-source plugin built for WordPress websites that augments the functionalities of a basic eCommerce store. Since its inception, 2.3 million e-commerce stores across the globe are reaping the benefits of WooCommerce, according to a survey. It drives true authenticity with simplicity yet highly flexible features. In this blog, we talk about some of the prominent advantages that businesses are leveraging with this plugin:

What does WooCommerce do?

WooCommerce offers basic store functionalities pre-packed in a bundle from the plugin repository of your development dashboard. It also includes available loads of extensions that offer incredible functions right out of the box.

Benefits of WooCommerce

Following are some of the basic features and advantages that a WooCommerce plugin offers you:

Feature-rich Shopping Interface

The WooCommerce plugin lets retailers tailor a customer-centric checkout process that helps provoke the buying conscience of the customer.

Integrated Payment Gateways

WooCommerce offers retailers the freedom to accept cash, direct bank transfer, and popular wallets and major credit cards and other alternative payment mean. It also lets retailers configure popular payment gateways like Stripe with the help of a Setup Wizard.

GPS and Automated Taxing

WooCommerce offers you the ability to activate geolocation whenever you like. It also lets you set up automated taxes. Your products will show the right price, with taxes for your customers, from everywhere in the world.

Seamless Checkout Process

Woocommerce lets retailers control the checkout processes from start to end. In case, you prefer to sell in certain geolocation you can set up your flow URLs, while also enabling guest checkout as well as a secure checkout.

Range of supported currencies

A range of acceptable currencies in the modern era gives customers the freedom to pay via the medium that they’re most comfortable with.

Redirect Cart- Adds Flexibility To The Cart

WooCommerce lends CMS websites a hassle-free transition from product page to cart page once all products are added. It is touted to have reliable indexing techniques backed by data science and can cater to over 12,500 technology products, including e-commerce.

The wooCommerce plugin helps streamline eCommerce in the ever-competitive & dynamic eCommerce industry. However, entrepreneurs need to avail website design and development services with the right expertise to make the entire endeavor attuned to customer satisfaction and retention. So, get started with your brand new online store and watch your sales boom.

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