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I've created a Bitcoin address with Bread Wallet (Saw the recommendations on r/bitcoin). This is for now to see if more people than you tell em I need one.

Does this look correct?


The easiest way to create an anonymous wallet might be to use the code at: bitadress.org

But take care to ensure you protect yourself during the creation process by carefully following these steps:
1.) Save the bitaddress.org site's HTML files to your PC
2.) Close your browser
3.) Disconnect and disable network connection to your computer, taking care to also disable Wi-Fi, if applicable
3.) Open the HTML files you previously saved above in Step 1
4.) Use the JavaScript code to generate an address and SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS! Back it up someplace safe, NOT in the cloud. Keep multiple copies, and protect it with great care. If someone has your private keys, they can take your funds.
5.) Close your browser, reboot PC and proceed about your normal business

Enjoy! Now you can accept BTC donations, at the very least.

Great, @spikespaz that appears to be a legit BTC address:

In a perfect world you'd have a SegWit supporting address (begins with 3, instead of a 1 -- allows you to take advantage of lower transaction fees, among other things), but this is a great start. Be wary of what information you read online, the crypto debate is an impassioned one, to put it gently. It can be difficult to find truly accurate and unbiased information. BRD.com is a great place to start, sir.

Hey @spikespaz did you end up settling on a BTC wallet / process? Were you going to stick with: live.blockcypher.com/btc/address/1...

I think I'm going to stick with BRD, yes.

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