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Discussion on: Perl is Perl

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Vladimir Zatoloka • Edited

I'm not getting it, seriously. I've read maybe 20 articles like this in the past years and it's always the same.
This whole article essentially is: "People say Perl is dying, here's the data they provide. I say it's not, here are photos!"
Perl is dying. All data says that. And the only thing the community does to counter it is saying "no it's not!" Do you guys seriously think this is the way to "make it great again"? There should be a better way I believe.

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Juan Julián Merelo Guervós Author

Photos are just there for the lols. They're not trying to prove anything. The fact is that Perl is still used throughout the industry, and is supported by most operating systems. Check out my recent articles on using Perl in CI environments: It's all over. There's not a single environment that does not include Perl. So dying it is not.