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Host your next dapp onto IPFS using Spheron

IPFS: A new way to host websites

IPFS is web3’s file system for handling storage and retrieval of data across the distributed networks. A unique use case of this is even websites can be hosted on this amazing network. To ensure that our files are held at least by a few nodes, we have a few pinning services that ensure this by instructing their own nodes to keep specific files.

At Spheron Protocol (previously ArGoApp), we provide complete support, from compiling your websites from Github, putting them on IPFS, and then pinning it with any of the two pinning services available with us Filecoin and Pinata. Users get to choose from 2 different IPFS pinning services: Filecoin & Pinata.

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized network that allows for storing data accessible from virtually anywhere. Users can offer their available storage as nodes on the network and earn Filecoin as data is stored and retrieved on those nodes. We are using Estuary, which is the solution sought by many developers who are coding for web3. The Estuary is, in essence, an IPFS node with an integrated minimal Filecoin library. Getting Filecoin to work with IPFS should not be a complicated process, but it can be a little tricky to get right, so we leverage Estuary API for interacting with Filecoin directly and pin IPFS hash on Filecoin.

What is Pinata?

Pinata builds tools and infrastructure that make it easy for Web3 developers to create and manage content on IPFS while also leading a change in how the world stores, accesses and verifies blockchain-linked content. With a friendly, intuitive user interface that makes the most of the IPFS Pinning Service API, Pinata truly is a game-changer for Web3, making development easier and improving data confidence for a wide variety of use cases.

Pinning Visual

Here's a video to help you deploy your site onto IPFS and pin it on Filecoin & Pinata using Spheron Protocol.

Let’s get started!🚀

Once your website is live on a censorship resilient network using the pinning service, Filecoin or Piñata, it will ensure that it stays there forever.

Sounds incredible. Right? 🎉

Hosting websites on decentralized storage providers such as IPFS, Arweave, and Skynet with Spheron Protocol is an easy yet powerful way to make sure you have 100% uptime and your website is censorship resilient. Give yourself a pat on the back for deploying your website on dWeb.

You can achieve the unachievable with Spheron Protocol now. 👀

If you have trouble deploying your website using Spheron Protocol (previously ArGoApp), contact us on our Discord Group.

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