Discussion on: Why I switched away from Google Firestore

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Spencer Pauly Author

Honestly firestore was probably a time-save for the first month or so of the project. It was running and hooked up to my frontend day 1 which is huge. The issue though is that the first 90% of what you want to do w/ firestore will be easy but that last 10% will be incredibly difficult. I'd say if you're building a personal project and not a business and that project has a concrete "finished" point, then that sounds like a good use-case for firestore.

If you think you'll be working on the project for more than 1-2 months, I think it would be worth your time to look elsewhere. For my project personally I started hitting walls after month 1. I think around month 2-3 is where if I had chosen another solution I would've been developing faster.