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Discussion on: What is your task management process? Do you use trello, asana, calendar etc or a hybrid? And how?

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Jeffrey Tao

I use vimwiki! It has a markdown mode (which I use) in addition to the default wiki markup mode.

I've built a personal organization system on top of it that consists of:

  1. Diary entries for logging day-to-day stuff that I've done.
  2. A "work items" page that tracks on a week-to-week basis what I'm doing
  3. Each item under a week in "work items" links to a page that breaks down the work item into major work areas, and breaks those work areas down into manageable tasks (using VimWiki's todo-list feature).
  4. Each list of work items ends with a todo for the corresponding pull request, which gets ticked off after the PR is merged.

What I love about the wiki format is that I can treat my organization system as a graph (I mean, it's a wiki after all). I link to work item pages from my daily logs if I have relevant thoughts about them, or meetings.

Some day I might make this thing start automatically exporting HTML but for now I'm content to browse it just within vim.