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VueJs, React , Angular, StencilJs

VueJs, Angular, React, and stencilJs are all front-end JavaScript frameworks for building modern web applications, each of these frameworks have their own quirks ,dependencies, and syntactical sugar, but also share some similarities.

components are a common theme for these frameworks. If you've ever worked on a web application using asp .NET core components in my opinion are similar to partial views. they are separated parts of HTML JavaScript and CSS that you can re use throughout your web application.

Biased Opinion:
I think VueJs has the best developer experience, I've used VueJs to create a marketing page for a company and the framework is not much different from vanilla JavaScript. If you know what you are doing with JavaScript html and CSS VueJs was nice as it provides nice separation of code through components, comes with vue routing, and comes with some nice easy ways of adding inline event listeners such as "@click" and more. If I had to chose a framework to build a web application today I would probably chose vue.

The boiler plate project for my hello-world vue comes directly from the VueJs CLI:

npm install -g @vue/cli


yarn global add @vue/cli

vue create hello-world

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