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Relaunch of a brand, and more Python

sparkedscience profile image SparkedScience ・3 min read

Hello! I'm writing this while I burn a Marshmallow Fireside candle because I miss campfires. It's been a hot minute since I've made anything on here, so we're relaunching Sparked Science! A little recap about me...

A little recap

I am now a Junior in college at Penn State University, officially in the Cybersecurity program. This summer I will be a cybersecurity analyst intern at PPG, which is a dream come true. PPG is the leader in IT for two years now, and they are a great company doing amazing things. In the end, I want to become a cyber forensic specialist, or maybe even focus on physical penetration testing.


Outside of school, I mainly focus on creating. Creating what? Anything! I am a photographer, so creating wonderful memories through pictures. I like to 3D print and design, so fully functional or ascetic pieces. Just started getting into spray paint art by spray painting a few water bottles. I'll write in my free time. Sometimes stories, other times programs. I write a lot of programs. Maybe too many. On the other side, I spend a lot of time outside. Usually long hikes on the weekends, and the occasional work out during the week. Stay hydrated.

Non-school school stuff

I am very involved in the community in and around Penn State. I run audio and take pictures for the Penn State Navigators...this is starting to sound like a resume, or a pitch. Anyway, I am also very involved in THON on campus. I'll cut this short, cause we need to talk Python.


Quite possibly my favorite programming language because I can run it natively on Linux machines, aka all of my Raspberry Pis. I counted; all 5 of them. One of them is a Pwnagotchi! Remember to take your Pwnagotchi for a walk every day. Most of my programs use Python for the libraries. I've created a few programs that send out emails; one was for a Secret Santa event.
Below is an explanation of my most recently used Python script. I highly encourage you to check it out. The script itself is very basic.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import webbrowser as wb
import time
x = open('urls.txt','r')
urls = x.readlines()
for i in urls:
    link = ''
    link += i
    link = link.rstrip('n')
    link = link.rstrip('\\')
    link = link.rstrip("/")
    link = link.strip()
    link = link.rstrip("/")
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I go into detail in the video, but the script is provided here for use in other programs.

I'm supposed to be an IT professional, or at least acting like one. My methods are not professional, but the results are. Backstory; in high school, I was a captain of a combat robotics team. Dealing with issues in between battles taught me how to effectively pull off the strangest fixes in little time. This knowledge directly applies to my day to day life. I am able to fix the strangest problems with the strangest solutions that work. No promises though; computers tend to hate me.


Just a little bonus note. Remember last semester when we made Wordpress and Classicpress sites? I made a Classicpress site for random news my friends create. So, you can say I remembered how to best use Classicpress, and the cat you rescued, from class.

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