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How to use chrome as text editor


In this article, I will tell you the trick to turn your chrome browser into a notepad.

Let's Start

Follow the steps given below to use chrome browser as a notepad :

METHOD: The trick is a code snippet from which allows you to convert a normal chrome tab into a notepad. Follow the steps given below to convert a normal tab into a notepad.

1) Open the chrome browser.
2) Copy and paste the code given below in the search bar of the chrome tab.
data:text html,html contenteditable
Note : put the html contenteditable in between this sign "<>" and add a "/" between the data:text and html,html I wasn't able to add as it was not allwoing me to add it

3) Hit enter after pasting the above code.
4) Thatโ€™s it! You will see a blank screen. You can note down anything there.

Note: You will loose all the content if you close the tab. So, make sure that you save anything you typed before closing the tab. Below are the steps to save the content :

Once you are done with writing on the chrome notepad, press CTRL+S.
A windows explorer pop up will get opened. Select the location where you want to save the document.
Click on the Save button.
All your content will be downloaded as an HTML file on your computer. You can open this file anytime you want.

I hope you all enjoyed this post ! Be safe and do take good care of yourselves .

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