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Discussion on: Replacing placeholders in Ruby on Rails

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Arnaud Joubay

I would do that with the I18n gem that ships with Rails instead, it's made for that, handles plurals, prepares you for multiple languages if that was ever needed down the road, and it's as easy to change for non-developers.

In config/locals/en.yml

    one: %{name} - %{count} review
    other: %{name} - %{count} reviews

The count key has a special role that tells the gem which translation to pick. You can read more about pluralization here:

And in your views (or in Article#title)

I18n.t "name_with_reviews", name:, count: article.reviews_count
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David Paluy Author

If the template is static, definitely the I18n is the right solution. But we have to provide the ability to the business team to customize those SEO templates

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Arnaud Joubay

You can still do it with I18n if your business team needs to input those via an admin interface instead of a yaml file.

 I18n.backend.store_translations "en", name_with_reviews: { one: article.title_pattern_singular, other: article.title_pattern_plural }

and then I18n.t("name_with_reviews", count: 2, name: "Bob")

Of course if you don't want to support plural it's just

 I18n.backend.store_translations "en", name_with_reviews: article.title_pattern }

and I18n.t("name_with_reviews", name: "Bob")