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Why SourceLess Blockchain is so easy…

SourceLess Blockchain
SourceLess Blockchain is created as an all-in-one community blockchain. Offering security and control, free web for all and much more. See more on
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SourceLess Blockchain is a hybrid network that provides all the critical features of a public Blockchain, such as secure, transparent, immutable, and decentralized, but also restricts the ability to access, view, or change transactions in any way.
Using Distributed ledger technology (DLT) SourceLess Blockchain have no central data store or administration functionality, unlike traditional databases.
Remapping the web, in the SourceLess Blockchain vision, the domain names type applied both as web, and as an identifier in Blockchain, but also as personal or business spaces (as hosting this time) would offer enormous benefits, both by ownership of personal space or in the SourceLess Blockchain DLT database, as well as communication channels, which this time are not actually based on HTTP, FTP, or other classic communication channels.
You can easily apply usage rights, with the certification given by the unique address, as well as the encryption from the enrollment of any data, having a double role, that of ensuring data protection, but also the possibility of remote verification or certification, in real-time.
The security is given by the Blockchain, both as data protection and the impossibility of counterfeiting or identity theft, the street name is subject to KYC and AML rules, give a perfect solution of cybersecurity.
SourceLess Blockchain ecosystem technology applies in multiple domains like Finances, Social, Entertainment, Human Resource, Power, Marketplace, Right Protection, Digital Content, Healthcare, Identity, Government, Retail/F&B, Real Estate, Mathematics, Charity, Business, Tourism, Transport, Technology, Education, and much more.
With the help of SourceLess Blockchain, it becomes impossible to manipulate data or hack the system.

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