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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Stefan Su (he/him)

This week, I actively tried to contribute answers to questions related to topics I'm learning about on different platform such as Stackoverflow and Quora.
Because I'm working on autocompletion and another new feature for Objective-C in AppCode, I needed to learn more about Objective-C which I had never used and also brush up on Kotlin.
It's proved quite challenging to phrase the answers in such a way that I myself would find useful as well had I come across it while googling. I see this as an opportunity to practice communicating technical topics in an elaborate, but at the same time concise way.

During my efforts of getting back into Kotlin and re-discovering its language features, I steadily got the feeling of being able to connect the pieces of theory I have acquired during the past few years in academia.

It's been an exciting week and it's nice to slowly be able to see improvements in my problem solving skills. Knowing that the career / study journey will never be completely obstacle-free, I plan on making more efforts to also cherish small moments of success and to remain focused on my learning objectives.