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Stefan Su (he/him) • Edited on

Assumption: All five-year-olds like to build sandcastles and don't know how to write yet.

You like building sandcastles.
You especially like to dig the castle moat. You can also build the other parts of the sandcastle, but not THAT well.
One day, you see lots of other kids building sandcastles. They get along really well and you want to build sandcastles with them while also becoming a better sandcastle-builder.
You join the other kids and discover that some of them struggle with moat construction, but other parts of their castles look amazing.
You nicely explain your intricate strategies. In exchange, they explain how they constructed that awesome balcony where the prince climbs up to visit the princess at night to play with the princess' Nintendo Switch, because you were struggling to build a cool balcony with a view.
When the other kids ask you questions, you answer them politely and try to get along with everybody. After all, there are no stupid questions and you remember the times when you were struggling with constructing a good moat.
You also listen to the other kids and remember their tips on how to deal with that stinky cat that keeps clawing you and pooping into the sand and whose poop bits you keep finding when you're sieving the sand.
You all help one another and you build great, grand, scalable sandcastles that you can all be very proud of.
The End.