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Discussion on: Is django underrated and node.js(express.js) overrated ?

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Soumya Ranjan Naik Author • Edited

Shit, I didn't have any idea that it was this way. I thought express.js is the most famous and most popular one for backend node.js development so I was using them interchangeably.
Sorry if I made a mistake in doing so but what would be the one that you would suggest using if someone tries to get into the node.js backend ecosystem. I am just fed up with the amount of config that makes me slow in spinning up a basic working backend with express.js

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Jonathan Boudreau

It is the most popular in terms of blog posts, but personally I think most people professionally have moved on to other frameworks like Koa or NestJs. For the authentication, were you using passport?

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Soumya Ranjan Naik Author

Yeah, I was using passport.js but still it was kind of difficult to setup only because of bad documentation, lack of examples and inconsistency in documenting different approaches.
I did try nest.js and it is actually well structured and more modular than the approaches used while using express.js.

I really hope nest.js grows in popularity (or something like django.js comes into existance 😋).