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Discussion on: How Did You Start Coding?

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Richard Griffiths

I had no interest in coding before I was 39, not really. I'd done basic IT consulting and so on.

However I was taken on to help a company called Caredocs to produce care planning assessments.

The company was tiny, the client base was eighty care homes and the users were nurses and care workers.

This gave me context for their needs. The owner was the coder and like all business owners, spread too thin.

Every tiny thing I learnt that could affect the care homes use of the product was gold, really. Nurses and carers using it would often be incredibly positive about all kinds of small changes.

This drove me to learn sql and VB in more and more depth until I could fix most things, add new features and all sorts.

This, having real life, face to face and often emotional feed back for work I'd sat and figured drove me at that time.