Top 10 Tips for Self-taught Software Engineers from 20+ Coffee Chats

Sophia Li on January 30, 2020

I started my self-taught software engineering journey four months ago. Since then, I’ve gone on over twenty coffee chats with software engineers. I... [Read Full]
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Great article! Documentation is definitely an important aspect that one you should know.

For writing a good ReadMe.txt for your project, I use this template:
It's quite handy and straight forward.


Couldn't agree more with no.4. You can learn a great deal on your own terms, but you can only improve leaps and bounds when someone experienced and disinterested is by your side.

We have a small local developer community and almost all speakers we invited stressed on the fact that nowadays it really is not that hard to get a mentor (you can connect at meetups/conferences, reach out on twitter/linkedin etc).

And something else we found particularly important is that devs keep the self-taught mentality for all their careers. If possible :) This is an example from one of our engineers who learned to train their own machine learning model: around25.com/blog/creating-simple-...


I agree, software engineering is a field that keeps evolving and engineers need to keep up with new and relevant technologies! A growth mindset is important to have in this field.


When you are building projects have fun and follow your interest. I feel like people get burnt out doing to-do list or a project that looks good just for the sake of putting it on your portfolio. You learn more when you are having fun. And as long as you can articulate how this project relates to a potential employer you will be fine.


Great tip. Thanks, Ola!



Thanks for the post. Great advice and although Mr. Chris here isn't necessarily an aspiring software engineer, I can apply the same guidelines. You have the pillars you need to build the career path you want! Keep it up :)


My best advice is "Don't just train by listening to material" find things that you want to accomplish and then use google/ training to learn the concepts required to built it.

I find general training to be better when I am filling in gaps, not trying to learn a complicated subject.


Thanks Sophia, I'm complementing my study at university and the study in home about stuff related to software development, so your article suits me. Thanks!


Presented brilliantly... More of these advises please =)


Great post! I really learn alot from this.


Thanks for sharing this Sophia! Great tips to have for my journey!


Nice piece Sophia,
Something that I have found to especially important is practice meetups and deciding your nich, if it's front or back end, maybe fullsack.


Less is more (sugar in coffee, i mean) :)


Thank you Sophia!! Well written and concise. :)

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