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Discussion on: What's your ideal interview process?

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Sophia Li Author

Wow, that's such a thoughtful process, especially the focus on culture. Thanks for sharing!

Do you cap a time limit on the take home assignment? For example, something like, please don't spend more than 2 hours on this project. Typically, I've noticed 2-3 hours is a standard, but for unpaid take home projects.

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Dhwanit Shah

We usually check with the candidate on how long they think they will need, and set aside some date that's far enough out for them to do it. I ask them to let us know if they need more than a week, and have had some folks ask for more time than that. That usually doesn't work out, but seeing as we're accepting that their lack of experience in our tech stack isn't a deal breaker, if they're willing to put in more time we're happy to give it to them.