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Chingu Voyage Log: Kicking off Sprint 2

Chingu is a remote 6-week program for web developers to build a project in a remote team and level-up with the technical and soft skills required in a professional software job.

MoTo, a clone of Momentum, is a web application currently being built by a remote Chingu team of four developers following agile methodology.

This post is about week 2 of our Chingu voyage: our weekly standing meeting, our next steps, and my own personal learnings.

Our Weekly Standing Meeting

We started the meeting by going around and answering the following questions:

  1. What tasks did I complete in the prior sprint?
  2. What tasks do I need to complete in this sprint?
  3. What roadblocks have I encountered and what/who do I need to resolve them?

In our first sprint, we created our first wireframe draft, HTML & CSS skeleton, BEM styling guide, and team norms.

By recapping the previous week, planning for the next, and discussing roadblocks, we were all aligned on progress made so far, unblocked each other's problems, and determined our next steps for the upcoming sprint.

To wrap up the meeting, we discussed our development process as a team to improve efficiency and quality of our work. We found that despite this being our first voyage, we were figuring out our flow well through inclusive communication on Discord and our weekly meetings on Google Hangouts.

At the end of the call, we were all excited and ready for the upcoming sprint!

Next Steps

For the upcoming sprint, we will all work on adding our assigned new features:

  • Rafael and Ming will be working together on the responsiveness and layout.
  • Ola will be working on the greeting feature.
  • Sophia will be working on the clock feature.

My Personal Goals and Learnings

My goal in joining a Chingu voyage was to work with a team on building and completing a web application using agile methodology.

So far, these are some new things I’ve learned:

  • I’ve seen first-hand, the value of creating an MVP and building incrementally. During the planning phase, there's excitement and eagerness to tackle many fun features. However, there’s always opportunity to build additional features after the core application is finished.
  • I learned how to use ZenHub, a project management tool that integrates directly with Github.
  • I learned the Github workflow for project collaboration. Until the start of our project, I only used Github for personal projects.

In just two weeks, this Chingu voyage has been a great way to practice agile methodology in software development by collaborating with a dedicated and smart team.

This blog post is written by Sophia and reviewed by Rafael, Ola, Ming before publishing. Join us on our journey, read the previous voyage log here and the next voyage log coming soon.

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