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Chingu Voyage Log: Almost at the Finish Line

Chingu is a remote 6-week program for web developers to build a project in a remote team and level-up with the technical and soft skills required in a professional software job.

MoTo, a clone of Momentum, is a web application currently being built by a remote Chingu team of four developers following agile methodology.

This post is about week 5 of our 6-week Chingu team voyage: our weekly standing meeting, our current progress, and next steps.

Weekly Meeting

We started off sprint 5 with our standing Monday morning meeting following this agenda:

  1. Each person reviews the following in up to five minutes:
    • What they did last sprint
    • Their tasks for the coming sprint
    • Roadblocks they have
  2. Review open questions
  3. Review suggestions

We have found that this format allows us to effectively discuss our goals moving forward and unblock issues that are easier to discuss over a call rather than through Discord messages.

Current Progress

Since we fixed our Git issues, we’ve made steady progress on creating our MVP. We have our pomodoro, team, and weather features deployed.

Main Page
Alt Text
Pomodoro Feature Team Page
Alt Text Alt Text

Next Steps

In the coming sprint, we will be wrapping up our final MVP features, refactoring our code, and fixing bugs.

These are our goals for sprint 5:

  • Rafael will finish the pomodoro responsiveness, add dynamic backgrounds, work on the MIT feature, and research the deployment process on Netlify.
  • Ming will refactor responsive code for everyone to use, fix bugs on responsiveness, finish the team feature, and write final blog post skeleton.
  • Ola will refractor the weather feature to include five days of the forecast.
  • Sophia will finish the todo feature and write the weekly blog post.

With only one sprint left, we are confident that we have scoped out a realistic MVP and timeline to meet our project deadline.

This blog post was written by Sophia and reviewed by Rafael, Ola, Ming before publishing. Join us on our journey! Learn more by reading our previous voyage logs: sprint 1, sprint 2, sprint 3, sprint 4. 🚀

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