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Sophia Li
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Best Practices for Building a Product Landing Page

Building a product landing page is almost always on project idea lists for beginners who are learning to code. Product landing pages are simple because they can be built with just HTML and CSS. At the same time, they are creative even if you are cloning a pre-existing page because you can still put your own spin to it.

What is a product landing page?

  • Typically the page that people land on after they click an ad from a marketing campaign.
  • Tightly focused, very specific, and have one single purpose.
  • Objective: Capture user’s undivided attention to guide the user to complete the call to action (CTA).

7 best practices for building a product landing page:

  1. Use a short headline to grab your user's attention and give insight into what the page is about.

  2. Display only one topic per page to keep users focused. They can either complete the offer or go back to the home page.

  3. Ask for only one action-oriented, clear, and specific CTA. For example, users enter their email to start a free trial.

  4. Remove all other navigation and links to prevent users from leaving the page.

  5. Use only text, image, and a form to keep it simple and avoid distractions.

  6. Implement responsive design for both mobile, tablet, and desktop screens to seamlessly guide users to complete the CTA.

  7. Use keywords in the metadata to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

I applied these best practices to a 15Five product landing page that I recreated. View my recreated 15Five product landing page here. Any feedback is welcome!

What are your best practices or thoughts on building product landing pages as a developer?

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Discussion (6)

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Robin Bauhn

You have two "Start free trial"-buttons but only one text field to enter the email. If I scroll to the bottom (and don't see the top field if on a small screen) and click the button nothing happens. Would be nice to put the email input in focus or something.

sophia_wyl profile image
Sophia Li Author

Thanks for catching that, Robin! Appreciate the feedback. I added an email input on the bottom as well now.

What do you mean be putting the email in focus?

inthepics profile image
vijay Hole

Very well explained ... Can we use Home pages as landing page?

sophia_wyl profile image
Sophia Li Author

Ah great question! I actually thought about distinguishing home page vs product landing page in this blog, but thought it'd be too confusing with two different topics.

Anyways, home pages and product landing pages are different! A home page shouldn't be used for a product landing page, especially if the product landing page is for a specific marketing campaign.

Here's a quick breakdown of a home page:

  • Provides general information for a general audience.
  • Not very focused.
  • Objective: Explain or present an organization or product.
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Sophia Li Author