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Cover image for 🎙️ Software Engineers Podcast 🎙️ Episode 3 with Maximiliano Contieri
Sonny Alves Dias
Sonny Alves Dias

Posted on

🎙️ Software Engineers Podcast 🎙️ Episode 3 with Maximiliano Contieri

For this episode of Software Engineers, I invited Maximiliano Contieri, Hashnode ambassador, and software engineer with 25 years of experience working in Argentina.

You likely know Maximiliano from his well-known series about Code Smells. Series which he ported to Twitter as well recently:

Or perhaps you read his productivity tips:

It was a lot of fun to chat with Maximiliano. We went through his long career. We discussed computer science. Maximiliano gave us his take on what is the main problem in software engineering (listen to the podcast to know what it is ^^). And ended up discussing a lot about AI, singularity, and Fermi's paradox.

Maximiliano also shared his experience teaching at the university. And obviously I couldn't ask him about blogging and the reasons which brought him to start in the first place.

Time to listen now🎧

Click below 👇

👉 If you liked the episode, follow Maximiliano on Twitter and bookmark his blog:

Next episode on July 22nd!

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mcsee profile image
Maxi Contieri

Thank you for having me, Sonny !

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