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Discussion on: Top Monitoring Tools for DevOps Engineers and SREs

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Sonia Belokur

I can add one!
Insight Cat - full-stack infrastructure monitoring platform for software and hardware. The solution was created to combine the best of multi-tool solutions like Zabbix, New Relic, Datadog, etc.

It aims to provide:

  • Infrastructure monitoring. Downtime prevention, anomalies detection, and diagnosis of behavior, events, logs, and real-time metrics.
  • Log management. You can search, aggregate, and explore logs in one place to get the infrastructure better secured.
  • Synthetic monitoring. Achieve stability of your web services through simulation and detect issues before end-users.
  • Smart alerting. Set up the alerting that is flexible enough to support the team's collaboration and enable everyone involved to be constantly informed about IT ecosystem estate.
  • Error tracking
  • Application Performance Management

Check it out!