Discussion on: Is it fair to throw around the title "Software Engineer" like we do?

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Firstly, I highly doubt that someone who has watched a few Udemy courses will produce the same output as someone who has a Computer Science degree. Second, It's not about qualifications, it's about understanding of underlying software principles. Somebody who learns React at a Bootcamp doesn't have these principles. People forget that code is just ONE TOOL that we use to build software. Engineers learn much more than just "code" whereas someone who has done a few Udemy courses just knows how to use that particular language in a very specific context.

I want to stress the fact that using a popular framework like React to make a few components for a web app is NOT comparable to programming robots/AI/aircraft systems/sending shuttles to space. Those guys are the real heroes. How can we put someone who send people to space and someone who knows how to make a few components in React on the same level? It really blows my mind.