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Hate to break it you Kim, but you are not a software engineer just because you did a "fast-track" course to web development.

Are the people that operation machines at the steel factories engineers? No they are not, so why is it any different in this industry?


Hi Guy, I’m sorry you think this way. It is such a shame. I am doing a fellowship programme which is a 12 month long programme where I learn on the job. This doesn’t make me less of a software engineer. I have been working in software teams for a while and have a background in climate modelling and enjoy the nature of the role. I think a lot of people don’t know their full potential unless they have the opportunity to do so. I was fortunate to have this opportunity and take it as it comes :)


Congrats, Kim! Your enthusiasm and positive attitude for your new job and the challenges that come with it -- even in the face of unfounded negativity -- are impressive. Best of luck to you.

Thanks Kevin for your encouragement and support :)

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