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SaaS data collection platform

Hello, community.

I am building a platform to collect data on markets, audiences and competitors that is meaningful to startups.
Before we decided to start creating a product, we worked for several years with small businesses and startups, offering marketing and investment attraction services. We decided to invest all our experience in this platform (more than 350 startups with which we have worked since 2014 as consultants).

Now we have finished creating the interface and are starting to implement the creation of the code.

In order to move more efficiently, we are looking for the following people.

  • Creators of tools and platforms that collect and analyze information about markets and segments (SEO tools, audience analysis, analysis of media messages, and others). We will discuss with you the issues of partner integrations and the use of data mining and processing methods.
  • Small businesses and start-ups that strive to understand who their client is and how to effectively use a tight marketing budget to achieve a goal. We will extract and implement the obtained data for your business.
  • Practical researchers (marketers and data scientists) who experiment with data mining and the impact of introducing it into a running business.

We will be happy to accept help from the designated (and not only) categories. We will be happy to hear criticism (even the harshest) from smart and experienced people.
You can find out about our mission on our website ( There you can also see several notes with datasets (without insights) and find our social networks.

You can also contact me on telegram 79778047058

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