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Sohshun Tateishi
Sohshun Tateishi

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Terminal Battleship Game

First Project!

First post on DEV and first real mini project on my own!
Heres a Battleship game you can play in your terminal that uses python. Theres a couple things in here that I liked and didn't like.


  • You can autogenerate a board with the ships randomly placed in valid areas!
  • Fairly intuitive and visually alright considering it is only used in terminal.
  • Was able to learn a little more about error handling and user experience.

Needs Improvement:

  • Some inputs are not checked if they are completely valid or not. i.e. somethings are only checked to see if input was an int and not necessarily a valid number to be used.
  • Wish there was an easier way to make both the board showing your ships and your guesses in the same area so they are not stacked.

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