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Discussion on: What is the most potentially-revolutionary software currently being developed?

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Doug Tangren

1) wasm+wasi.

A good proxy for impact is to take time and perspective into consideration. One could argue that Docker was revolutionary, and it was, but for perspective the creator of Docker is quoted for saying he would have never needed to invent docker has wasm+wasi existed at the time

Likewise kubernetes is also great but maybe anchored to the period when wasm+wasi had not existed. Kubernetes was definitely revolutionary for the time of Docker.

Wasm+wasi technologies are still early in thier lifetime but will likely change many technology spaces in the near future in way that were not possible prior.

2) Rustlang.

It's has a slower adoption curve than some other programming languages but has consistently proven to be effective at solving and preventing problems not possible in other languages that exist today.

This is of particular importance where security is of interest and efficiency of energy consumption where the future of earths environment and natural non renewable resources are of interest! Rustlang tends to run more efficiently and cheapy than other language runtimes which economical benefits that would be difficult to achieve otherwise -