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Proxies for your projects GIVEAWAY

Free proxies, everyone!

Jokes aside, SOAX wants to support developers in their early-stage projects by providing access to their high-quality residential proxy network free of charge.

We know that budgets are tight at the beginning and many have to find ways to cut costs when working on their projects. However, we believe that proxies are something that you better not be cheap about. So this is our way of giving it back to the community - support interesting projects with our residential proxies.

Is there a catch?
Well, we will ask you to leave a public feedback on the experience using our proxies. It will help us improve :)

Who can apply?
Anyone with an interesting project.
But, we care about ethicality and legal use of proxies, so will have to dig into use case. If we are a match in this department - the rest is discussed on a case by case basis.

Any questions? Or want to apply? Write in the comments or dm me.

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