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Discussion on: How do you finish your projects?

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Carter Snook • Edited on

I used to follow that same exact path for every project I attempted. The most important thing is to smart out small, then build your way up. An easy way to start doing this is to develop open-source modules/packages for your tech skill. Make sure these are small enough for you to finish within 1-3 days. I made the mistake of trying to start out with large projects while using a hammer to screw in a nail (I think I butchered that idiom but whatever). These projects would definitely take me a month at the time. However, after working on 20+ mini open-source Deno modules, I've got the self-control to pick a project that will not be too hard for me. If the project does end up being too hard, just leave it and come back later with a complete refactor, (mostly) no harm done. Another thing to note is that you should never really have to force yourself to work on these mini-projects. If you have to, then it's not the project for you. Anyways, hope you got something out of my ramble and good luck coding!