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Discussion on: Do you ever get frustrated with your Junior Developer(s)?

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David Domingo

Yes, Juniors are annoying, but it's the way of life. Don't worry, you will someday have someone to annoy you.

I get annoyed at almost everything a Junior Developer does:

  • when they say they've done the work and they haven't.

  • when they don't ask questions and say they've understood everything.

  • when they have 0 attention to detail.

  • when they consider themselves a backend or frontend developer when they've only been working for 6 months and use it as an excuse for poor quality.

  • when they expect me to fix their problems.

To be honest, the answering questions is the least annoying part of working with a Junior. I wish I would get asked more questions so that we wouldn't have to spend so much time fixing or reviewing code.