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Wesley Smulders
Wesley Smulders

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Need some advice first portfolio

Hey! I'm trying to make a career change. I made my first portfolio and would love some feedback.

I still need to add some projects. Please let me know if you find some bugs or have other suggestions.


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Hey there!

Really cool site, love the playful and interactive elements. Neat branding.

Few issues:

  • readability issue on the 'Creative Experience title'
  • I would ask someone with an eye for copy editing to go over your about section. Some wording confusing there (i.e. hacking together)
  • 'tech I've been working with' could be bolder or more visual (how about a star system showing level of comfort with each?)
  • actual builds: cool demos. My only suggestion would be to include some actual clients with real world brands, even if these are free. Developing demo/theme sites and developing from specs are two different skill sets and I learnt a lot and gained confidence of future clients by doing a few free gigs. Any local NGO or school is usually thrilled by the offer and happy to give you a testimonial in exchange.

Overall you have a cool style and the builds are functional and fun.

Hope that helps!

Happy building!

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Naufan Rusyda Faikar

Great, keep it up!