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Hi Ben, see you mentioned Hacker Noon in this story about FreeCodeCamp changing their techstack, so I wanted to jump in :-) I’m the Founder/CEO of Hacker Noon and this is my first Dev.to post! Overall, no migration will be perfect, but I think Quincy made a tough decision that will benefit FCC's users. A few things ---

  • From the beginning, users have opted users into publishing on hackernoon.com. This gives us an explicit, non-exclusive license to republish the stories. We’ve been open about this, in posts and buttons on the Hacker Noon homepage and in our terms. Writers own the content (it's not 'their medium content,' it is simply 'their content') and should publish on many sites (Hacker Noon, Dev.to, Medium, and FreeCodeCamp - for example).

  • I think a number of your screenshots are misleading because FreeCodeCamp did type in “By Author Name” for every article, and I'd bet as they work out the transition bugs, they’ll get author thumbnails and links up there too. It’s important to remember that as FCC ran their Medium publication as a subdomain for their own site, their first obligation is to the contributing writer, ensuring all their past links work in a time of techstack transition. They executed this, and I hope we will too.

  • At Hacker Noon, we always give authors attribution on their stories. Since 2016, we’re only ever published on HackerNoon.com and in our migration have done the extra work to properly associate author bios in our upcoming infrastructure. It’s time consuming. There may be some hiccups in the move, but we are making author bios more prominent on the story page (private beta screenshot below) and giving the author page a more prominent call to action on the profile page.

Alt text of image

  • Currently, getting canonical links from our Medium backend is pretty difficult. Contributing writers have to use the ‘import story function’ (which has been broken for most ppl over the last month) or writers can email yourfriends@medium.com to negotiate for them. In Hacker Noon 2.0, we are making it so that anyone can put the canonical link in the story submission process, and as long as they have rights to the content on their site, we will put them in.

Hope that helps clarify. I’m around if you or team ever want source for a story, and am very open to working together in some capacity. @ben & team - Cool site you made.

And of course, congrats FreeCodeCamp! They continue to change the internet. Good to see FCC taking a step towards bettering the infrastructure of their own domain.

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