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Digital Transformation of the Health and Wellness industry

The Health and Wellness industry is evolving through the use of digital technologies. Digital wellness is the pursuit of an intentional and healthy relationship with technology in the workplace and in personal life. The demand for meditation and mindfulness apps has surged as more people are beginning to embrace holistic approaches to health and wellness. Research indicates that many people feel significantly less stressed after using calm meditation app. Meditation apps are helping to reduce their stress. Moreover, as demand for digital-driven wellness & fitness solutions has grown, more classes are being offered for workouts such as spinning, Zumba, and yoga. Subscription services allow people to exercise at home instead of going to the gym or meeting a personal trainer.
The world is changing and so are customers. The Fitness, health and wellness industries must reorient themselves to digital transformation. Digital transformation solutions are playing a very crucial role in transformation of health & wellness industry.

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