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6 Best Mobile App Development Tools to Consider in 2022

Since mobile applications have become a pivotal element of the business world, everyone has started showing an interest in app development process. This has risen up competition in the mobile market; making it necessary for everyone to know how to land into the industry at the earliest and while focusing on user demands and low development cost.
This, in the long run, have made them curious to know what tools and technologies can ease the process, enhance the success rate, and more.
Now, if you are one of those who are curious to know what are the best such mobile app development tools, you are at the right place.
Today, in this article, we will be talking about 6 such tools that you can introduce in your process of building a mobile application in the coming year.
So, are you ready to get familiar with those tools and eventually introduce them into your mobile app development process?

Here we go.

1. Braintree
Braintree is basically a payment gateway solution that is open-source and fits to the needs of both small and established businesses. The tool is available in 23 different languages that avails the benefits of localization, and provides ample features and functionalities including payment picker, card format for a streamlined debit and credit card entry.
What’s more, the tool also offers support for Google Pay and Apple Pay that serves consumers with an enhanced user flow experience.

2. Firebase
It is basically a mobile app development platform that is compatible with web, Android, iOS, and OSX, and avails the functionality of cloud service of accumulating and storing data quickly and securely. And that too without facing the hassle related with data storage and servers.

3. NativeScript
NativeScipt also proves to be the finest tool to employ in 2022. The open-source framework uses Angular, JavaScript, or TypeScript alongside web technologies like CSS to create innovative applications that run both on iOS and Android platform.

4. Ionic
Ionic framework is also highly considered for creating mobility solutions, especially Progressive Web apps (PWAs). And the reason behind is that it is open-source and come loaded with CSS and JavaScript components that adds ease and simplicity into the complete process.

5. VuForia
This tool helps app development company integrate AR technology into their development environment and offer the functionality of identifying and tracking images and 3D objects effortlessly. And ultimately, deliver a 3D experience to the targeted user base.

6. Xamarin
Last but not least, Xamarin is also one of the best mobile application development tools to bring on board in 2022. This tool provides you with a myriad of UI controls, third party resources, and cross-platform libraries using which you can easily reuse the business logic layers and other associated resources to build an application that runs on both Android and iOS devices.
Also, it serves app developers with exclusive facilities of introducing App Indexing, Deep Linking, and dealing with bugs and errors efficiently.
So, these were the 6 tools you can opt for building a highly-efficient and scalable mobile application. To know more about such tools, stay connected!

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Jonatan David Orozco Cantillo

What about Flutter? Not only achieves mobile development but also web and desktop with the same codebase. It has Firebase integration, and the community is bigger than NativeScript and Xamarin, so you have more resources to start with or fix bugs.